Our high-qualified and passionate allied health team are here to support your short and long-term health needs in physiotherapy, osteopathy and psychomotor therapy.

All of our therapists are deconventioned and are in association with Axxon, the professional body for physiotherapists in Belgium.

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Physiotherapy in Belgium is a master degree level qualification. Physiotherapists traditionally have focused on the physical structures of our body (muscles, bones, connective tissue, organs etc.), however as the understanding of pain and injury complexity has deepened so has our approach. We are proud to embed ourselves within the biopsycosocial model of health and to encourage you to be active in your health journey. Truely understanding you; your goals, your barriers, your circumstances are paramount to effective long-term change and health management.

This is the Waves difference.

Here at Waves we are also firm believers in multidiscplinary care, meeting regularly to discuss cases and to put forward a united front forward. Our physiotherapists often work together with other health practitioners to create the most effective treatment programme for you.

Specialisation areas

Our therapists have experience across a wide variety of injuries and health conditions. They specialise in the following areas;

  • Neurological conditions
  • Cardiorespiratory rehab
  • Headaches
  • Neck and shoulder injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Hyperventillation
  • Women’s health
  • Pre- and post-natal exercise therapy
  • Hand/finger rehab
  • Athlete spinal rehab

Our approach

  • Biopsychosocial model of health (the body, the mind and your environment)
  • Thorough assessment and background
  • Positive behavioural change support for long-term solutions
  • Active support principles


Osteopaths in Belgium are often physiotherapists who have gone on and continued a post-graduate course in osteopathy. They tend to approach the whole body rather than specific areas and perform a more subtle treatment to the bones, muscles, connective tissue and organs.

At Waves, our osteopaths treat general areas, but are specialised in pre- and post-natal support, as well as infants and children. They work closely with our women’s health exercise specialists in the Gym and Pilates Studio to provide holistic support.

Psychomotor therapy and Sexology

Jildou is the Psychomotor therapist at Waves. Here, she works on a persons’ body perception and awareness through movement-based exercises. In her treatments, she mostly focuses on children and adults with stress and tension complaints, physical pain complaints and eating disorders.

Mirthe Parren


Offering a holistic approach to nutrition and wellness in which we not only look at how you can improve your eating habits but also create a healthier lifestyle. We aim to offer personalized tools to address food as a whole and set  clear goals. This is how you develop a lasting relationship with nutrition that fits your unique needs and lifestyle.


At Waves, consultations with your therapist are charged per treatment via bancontact or payconiq. The form for the mutuality is usually handed over at the end of your treatment series or on request (after each time).


€34 Level 1 physio Sven, Valerie and Zoë
€37 Level 2 physio Aish, Bavo, Carlotta, Caro, Charles, Edith, Femke and Sarah
€40 Level 3 physio Davy

Depending on the therapist’s experience, we apply different rates to reflect the therapists’ experience and expertise in their remuneration.

On your first appointment a 7 euro filing cost will be charged. This amount is then fully reimbursed by your mutuality.
*When you fall under the WIGW-statute / higher coverage system of the mutualities, you pay the official mutuality rates.

Other therapy areas

€65 / 40min (Evelien, Osteopathy)*
€70 / 60min (Jildou, PMT and Sexology)
€68 / 60min and €34 / 30min (Mirthe, Diëtiek)

* after every osteopathy session you will receive a certificate which can be handed over to your mutuality

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