Clinical Gym

Movement for all.

Our highly-qualified and passionate gym team focuses on exercise interventions for ALL, including support for people with acute and chronic health conditions and disabilities. Our goal is to provide an empowering and inclusive environment to attain your health and well-being goals – and most importantly keep things fun and enjoyable along the way. Be the participant in your journey – not the patient.

Intake session
At Waves, your individualised Clinical Gym journey starts with an intake session. Schedule your intake session here to start your clinical gym journey.

Discovery call
Not quite ready to book an intake session or would just like some general information around our Clinical Gym? Then contact us to schedule your free discovery call with Sofie for more specific information.

What we can do for you

01. Individual sessions – CEP

Our individualized clinical gym program is based on the concepts of Clinical Exercise Physiology (CEP), which originated from Australia, the US, and Canada due to the increasing demand for effective yet safe exercise programming for acute and chronic health conditions and disabilities. What has developed into a Master-level qualification and often specialization after Physiotherapy, CEP focuses on patients’ exercise screening, assessments, programming, and reassessment to encourage long-term positive behavior change and empowerment.

Our Clinical Gym is lead by Katina McCulloch (co-founder of Waves) who is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA) and a member of the American College of Sport Medicine.

Our team is composed of physiotherapists or highly-experienced personal trainers who specialise in holistic exercise practices to actively support you and your short- and long-term goals. As a team we have the skills and knowledge base to work with a wide range of conditions, including those which are rare and complex.

Do you have any conditions in the following health areas? Then we may be the perfect spot for you.




Weight loss

Neurological and neuromuscular

Mental health

Metabolic and/or endocrine (e.g. diabeties, PCOS etc.)



Gym Membership


  • Unlimited gym access
  • Personalised programme
  • 2x 30min follow-up sessions
Would you like some more information about our Gym?

The Waves Gym Process

Experience the Waves difference.

We have a multistep process to encourage long-term and sustainable lifestyle and exercise habits. Our goal is to work with you to find what is best for your sustainable exercise adherence and lifestyle change. Whether this be at Waves or in the general fitness community, what is best for you is best for us.


Screening and client-centred assessment stage 1 (60-90min)

Session 2

Client-centred assessment stage 2 (60min)

Session 3

Individual programme with 1:1 guidance

Sessions 4 – 10

The number of sessions will vary person to person. Expect your individual programme with 1:1 guidance and transitioning to doing independently with the membership.


Our membership includes 2x 30min 1:1 follow-up sessions with your exercise therapist, your personal programme and full access to our gym. There is also an option if your programme does not use the Waves facilities.

Re-assessment and evaluations

Every 6-18 weeks (client dependant)

Long-term plan

To find a long-term and sustainable habit, whether at Waves or out in the community. What is best for you is best for us.

02. Group sessions

No matter your level, we have a suitable Gym group class for you! We always work with groups of up to 6 people and have different class types to suit your individual needs!

General Sessions

Focus Gym


Tue, Wed, Sun


Beginner & Intermediate

Our focus classes are designed to help you refine your technique, build stability and improve your body awareness and understanding. With controlled and mindful movements, Focus pays attention to the subtle details of each exercise, allowing you to develop a deeper connection with your mind and body. This class is ideal for those looking for a more mindful approach to their Gym classes, focusing on quality over quantity and achieving accurate execution.

Dynamic Gym


Mon, Wed, Thu, Sun



Keen to feel powerful, capable, strong – just feel good? Our Dynamic Gym classes are a more intense style of class to challenge you, yet still with our supportive Waves vibes. In this way, you get a series of exercises that are both strengthening and stimulating. Get ready for a vigorous session that will challenge you to push your limits and discover your powerful potential.

Specific Sessions

Essentials Gym



These group classes are perfect for those who have specific physical complaints and want that little bit more personal attention with their exercises. At Waves, it is our specialty to make gym accessible and safe for everyone. Our essentials classes inspire to increase confidence in movement through our empowering teaching style.

Pre-natal Gym


Tue 19u30

Exercise is safe and internationally recommended (World Health Organization) for mums-to-be for both physical and mental well-being. Furthermore, not only will you benefit, but also your little one! Our pregnancy classes will help you stay active and strong during this special time, in a safe and effective way. We also bring focus on exercises and movement to prepare you for delivery and the recovery period afterwards. All classes are delivered by professionals who are trained to guide and support through the prenatal period. They have access to multiple support systems in Leuven to refer you to if this required.

Bones & Balance Gym



In these classes we the exercises are more focused on balance, body control and proper loads to get stronger, taking into account a potentially reduced bone density. Welcome to all ages!

03. Specialised Series

Thanks to our broad range of therapeutic strengths, we have been able to develop several specialised group series for our clients to get targeted guidance in group format. Check below for our newly launched programs in 2024!

Walk to Run Programme

Walk to Run programme


Wed & Sat

We are really excited that from 2024 we have started with our Walk to Run programme at Waves. A 12 week group-based training programme that guides you  through a solid and effective training protocol, with the aim to provide you with information so you can build long-term and effective health habits! Click the link below for more information!

Let’s Move Neuro


Wed 9u30

From 17th of April onwards we’ll be running our first series of our specialised classes for clients with neurological conditions! In these clients you will work with an experienced personal trainer and/or physical therapist specializing in neurological conditions in a small group (max 6-8 people) to achieve your exercise goals. 

Teens Gym Waves

Teen Series


Wed 14u30

Lets get our teens moving and strong! A gift and habit they will carry with them for life! Strength and fitness training is advised by all peak health bodies for teenagers, and is great for injury prevention if they are involved in sport and also a great to couteract the hours of sitting when studying. Our teens gym classes have a whole body, holistic concept focusing on strength, fitness, mobility and stability in a way that is appropriate and engaging. They will learn and develop in key movement patterns important for their daily life, and develop strength and resilience in their bodies to be able tackle those unexpected things that come theirway. Plus we guarantee loads of fun as well :)


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