Walk to Run Programme

Created by Charles & Katina from our Clinical Gym team!


We are really excited to be launching our Walk to Run programme at Waves. Something we commonly see at Waves are people who begin a Start to Run programme, however often injuries still arise or they find that motivation and keeping it long-term is tricky. And we get you. For many of us these starting programmes are already a huge step, particularly with life and everything else that comes with it. This is why we have decided to create a Walk to Run programme, with Prep to Walk options.

For months Charles and Katina have been discussing and preparing a programme that is focused on;

  • YOU – individual assessments and follow-ups
  • Empowerment – Providing you with information so you can build long-term and effective health habits
  • Realistic & effective – 2 guided sessions per week in small groups + extra options for at home (if this works for you at this time)
  • Fun & motivational – it is important to enjoy what you do! With small groups and a great atmosphere guarateed in a supportive and open environment.


We will focus on walking/running as well as strength, mobility and body awareness over a 12 week programme to provide you a solid and effective foundation.

  • 1 individual intake session*
  • 1 walk/run outdoor group session with Charles & the gym team**
  • 1 strength & stability group session at Waves with Charles
  • +1-2 optional extra sessions at home if that works for you

— A simple yet effective programme —

*the intake session is charged SEPARATELY to the running programme but is required.
** there will be 3 groups, walkers, walkers to runners and runners. Depending on your goals and results from the intake you will be in a specific group.


Starting the week 19th February (after Krokus vakantie)

  • Wednesday PM: walk / run groups
  • Saturday AM: strenth / stability focus in small groups (9h, 10h & 11h)


  • Those who would like to walk / run with confidence and enjoy everyday life
  • New parents just getting back into movement and exercise
  • Wanting to hike over the summer and build up
  • Have tried a start to run in the past but it just isn’t clicking
  • I hate running! But would love to love it (this is for you
  • Really anyone who would like to move and have confidence running after their grandkids, or running to get a train, or would like to go hiking in summer, or in the future would like to run 5km!


€320 for the 12 week programme (24 in person sessions)

€70 for your intake session

Keen for more info?

We will be hosting two free info evenings at Waves with Charles!

  • Monday 15th January @ 19h30
  • Wednesday 24th January @ 19h30

Book your spot for the info sessions below, or if you would like to register already please email hello@wavesleuven.be and we will organise your intake session with Justine or Charles in the first 2 weeks of Feb to get you started!

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