Regular exercise and sports have a great positive impact on our health and well-being. This is something we have all known for a long time and to which we attach great importance within the Waves philosophy. Exercising in a group often adds an extra fun factor and motivation. Yet, we find that many people with chronic (neurological) conditions often fall outside the regular offerings due to physical or mental factors. At Waves, one of our most important core values is “inclusion. We therefore aim to offer a high-quality group class tailored specifically to people with neurological conditions. These classes will focus on improving physical fitness, strength, balance, coordination and mobility in a fun way. Later we will also focus on more sport-specific class series in which everyone can excel in what he or she is good at.



In the Let’s Move Neuro class series, you will work with an experienced personal trainer and/or physical therapist specializing in neurological conditions in a small group (max 6-8 people) to achieve your exercise goals. The program will first focus on general gym, in which we will work on fitness, strength, mobility and balance, among other things. In a later series of classes we will also offer more sport-specific trainings for those who want to get better at sports such as boxing, dancing, tai-chi, …

  • 1 intake session of 30 min with Valerie (physiotherapist specialized in neurological disorders)
  • Series of 10 lessons


  • EVERYONE with a neurological condition (congenital or non-congenital), of all levels
  • Those who feel like exercising more
  • Those who would like to exercise in a group and/or meet new people
  • Those who want to gain more confidence to exercise at their own level and get better at sports


  • Starting the week 26th June until the 28th of August
  • Every Wednesday morning from 9u30 to 10u30


  • 30 euro for 10 lessons (verhoogde tegemoetkoming, 3 euro / lesson) 
  • 100 euro for 10 lessons (10 euro / lesson)
  • Intake session is charged separately

Our practise is easily accessible and has an adapted toilet. A kiss and Ride is present just in front of the Waves building, as well as a 1h free parking in Parking Vaartkom.

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