Brain Injury Awareness Fundraiser


A brain injury is damage to the brain that disrupts the normal function of the brain. There are two main causes of brain injury: traumatic and non-traumatic (1). Falling is the most common cause of TRAUMATIC brain injury (2). NON-TRAUMATIC brain injuries are caused by internal factors such as lack of oxygen (caused by a stroke, a brain aneurysm, near-drowning, an overdose…), exposure to toxins or pressure (for example from a tumor) (3).

The need for awareness on this topic is imperative because of the drastic lifestyle change that can come with a brain injury.

Waves has decided to take action in supporting individuals who have a brain injury by creating a fundraiser to help support the clients with neurological conditions who don’t have the finances to afford getting the medical help needed. Specifically, for clients who want to participate in our new neuro project Let’s Move Neuro.

Testimonial Patient K.
How has your brain injury affected your life?

I can actually answer this question in two ways, I can keep this short or I can write a book about this. Mainly mobility problems, a speech impediment, everything goes much slower than before, I am much less ad rem than before. Things have changed, but perhaps the hardest part is realizing that I had a life before my fall and have a life after my fall to build on.

What are some difficult aspects of coping with a brain injury?

Going somewhere on my own actually works very well, but more mobility in general that brings some difficulties, but Waves supports me in that and because of that I do grow every time. That gives me hope. The hardest thing for me is the emotions and being alone. That is a difficult one.

Six months ago when I came to Waves I had the opportunity to make a text for the website and I would describe it exactly the same, but except for one word, I would drop the physical rehabilitation, because that was pre mindfulness.

I learned that rehab is about the people who guide you and that does so much. Waves really helps me find my new self again and mainly Edith, Charles and Maarten are the people close to my heart. Maarten I don’t see in Waves now, but I still see in the gym.

What would you say to people with a brain injury? What hope would you give them?

There are two things that I would say. One is individuals who guide you, and the other is to say NEVER NEVER. It’s a story of trial and error, but the challenge here is to keep going for it and always get up in the end. On that front, coming to Waves has been an important step for me.

Katina told me again just now what a progress I have made from when I just started and now, that I could never have dreamed of that myself. Keep going and keep looking, there will be times with setbacks, but then find the courage and the right people to help you back.

What are active steps you take to stay healthy?

Nutrition, I’ve been working on that for a long time. I also do psychotherapy and in Herent there is a center that takes care of the reintegration into society of people with brain injuries, I’m currently working on that as well. The challenge is actually to build a life again. I am currently 45 years old and now sitting at home and watching TV scares the hell out of me.

There is a me from before the fall and a me from after the fall. I have tried to create another chapter and book, I need to move forward with that.


Why support Brain Injury Awareness Day?
  • Backing this cause underscores the importance of seeking solutions and working together collectively to reduce the prevalence of ongoing cases both in Belgium and around the world
  • There’s a general lack of awareness
  • Improved support for survivors because early detection and qualified treatment are vital for recovery after a brain injury
  • Reducing social stigma and discrimination due to the lack of awareness. Raising awareness can help people better understand the challenges faced by survivors and foster a more supportive environment.
  • Increased awareness can lead to better prevention strategies. Some of these include:


  • Wearing your helmet while biking
  • Wearing your protective gear in risky/dangerous environments
  • Decreasing risk of falling by staying active through regular exercise
  • Respecting traffic rules and safety protocols while being in public places


  • Avoiding smoking
  • Eating healthy: balanced, varied
  • Moving!
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Listening to your body
Our Waves Raffle!

In order to achieve this goal, Waves is collaboration with Bloom VZW and selling amazing brain-stickers! They are sold as part of a pay what you can concept and can then become part of your own helmet! This way everyone can see that you participated in this great cause and care about your brain!

As a bonus : Every purchased sticker can be used to enter a raffle by following the steps in the form below. At the end of the fundraiser, 35 winners will be randomly selected and receive a gift sponsored by Waves!

Because you purchased one of these amazing stickers, you are now able to apply for this Raffle. Use the button below to confirm your registration

Our Let’s Move Neuro programme

This fundraiser is to subsidise our neuro group classes. Click the link below for more info!