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Wanda Nieuwdorp

Wanda is a certified Pilates instructor with Polestar Pilates. She was introduced to Pilates through her education to become a dance teacher. Whilst it was a confronting experience for her, with practice Wanda found new strength and resilience which she will be always grateful for. And, like all good challenges, Pilates grew into a love.

Wanda is also a trainer in Bodymap, finding a new perspective on the importance of movement for developing the nervous system, particularly in children and adolescents.

Besides Pilates keeping her busy, Wanda is also the very proud mama to two wonderful kids Joanna and Casper. Through these mum years she has again found the importance of movement, but also listening and being aware of when your body requires rejuvenation and time-out – an essential element she brings into her teaching style.

A core value for Wanda is supporting people to understand their bodies, to provide resilience and move in a healthy and energising way. Wanda shines in her classes, having an innate energy that is infectious (and addictive so watch out!.


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