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Maria Pervykh

I tried many different paths in the past and couldn’t seem to find anything that I truly felt captured by. However, there were a few things I was certain of: I love being around people, sports make me happy and I am always lead by curiosity and energy. With pilates I seemed to find just what I had been looking for. I could be around people, whether that be exercising or teaching. Movement that could help me with injuries just as much as it could challenge me. The countless variations in exercises and knowledge that goes with it, really got me hooked.

I’m very excited about starting my journey of teaching pilates at Waves. Pilates not only makes me feel strong physically but also mentally. My goal is to pass that feeling onto others. Seeing people enjoy movement and therefore enjoying themselves. Gaining confidence and energy through exercise and having a good time while doing so. Almost seems too good to be true!

I love pilates, swimming, running, hiking, surfing, climbing and in general trying new things and challenging myself. Discovering new sports and learning things I never did before. Being outdoors makes me extremely happy and if I could, I’d be outside all the time. But my absolute most happy place on earth is the beach! My ideal day would be waking up with the sun, good breakfast and a nice cappuccino, pilates, run and going for a swim, eventually end the day with some friends and a beautiful sunset!

I can’t live without not seeing the sea or actually just water in general. My favorite snacks are fruit, dark chocolate and ice cream. I think I could actually survive on ice cream (only the ones with a cone). Last but definitely not least, I love a good bottle of wine. Preferably red, but hey not be fooled, I’ll enjoy any good bottle of wine.


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