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Edith Lookman

Edith Lookman is part of the health team and will be accelerating our neuro programme here at Waves. Edith graduated from KUL in 2019 with a specialisation in supporting people with neurological conditions.

Edith has always been fascinated by the complexity of our brain, nervous system and psychology, and she likes to combine these interested in her sessions. She has passion and experience in supporting people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, strokes, MS, brain injuries etc, particularly those with sensitivity to stimuli or stress.

Secondly Edith is an accredited Relaxation therapist. In these sessions she aims help clients find tools and techniques to cope with (chronic) stress and the physical ailments that might be caused by tension and stress.

Her drive towards client-focused active support principles tailored to the individual means she fits with our Waves values seamlessly. Together you will explore personal goals and work towards step-by-step approach to optimise independence and participation in your own environment.

In her spare time Edith enjoys music, going to concerts and reading. You can also make her very very happy with good food. She likes yoga, hiking and nature. When not at Waves you find her out and about enjoying all the amazing things nature has to offer.


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