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Davy Lambrechts

Davy worked for almost 14 years at the Ambulatory Rehabilitation UZ Leuven – Pellenberg campus, a department mainly focused on complex spine-related problems. He has an enormous passion for the rehabilitation of athletes with neck or back problems, as well as the treatment of complex, chronic pain complaints.

In addition, he was a teacher at KU Leuven for many years and now he gets great satisfaction from training other physiotherapists in the field of both manual therapy and exercise therapy. During the same period he also guided athletes at national and international championships, mainly in athletics.

He believes very strongly in the principle that every patient is unique and therefore requires a tailored, unique approach. This is only possible when the problem is mapped out thoroughly, paying attention to the complaint, the person and the environment.

Davy loves to chase dreams, together with his family. He and his family have already lived abroad for three months on two occasions. His favorite city by far is Lisbon. He loves crossfit, exploring new places, good food and he never leaves the house without a book in his backpack.

Finally, Davy founded the company ‘Gelukskine’ based on his passion for personal growth, where he guides and coaches healthcare professionals to become the best version of themselves, so that they can sustainably provide the best care to their patients.



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Davy is at Waves on Mondays and Thursdays