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Caro Cuypers

Caro is a physiotherapy and (almost) certified Pilates instructor. She specialises in Women’s Health and perinatal support.

Since graduating from KUL Caro has been living abroad, expanding her horizons and developing a love for different cultures. She was living in Singapore for 4 years, and then Pune, India for the 12 months. Along the way she continued to study and broaden beyond her clinical skills and will now be returning to Belgium with the wealth of knowledge and experience behind her.

Caro has a passion for supporting women and has followed multiple courses in perinatal support from some of the top experts across the world. She shares many of the Waves values, being passionate about holistic health practices, person-centred care, and supporting individuals to find solutions to reach their goals.

Health is about allowing yourself to be imperfect, to let go, and just enjoy life!

Did you know that Caro’s biggest guilty pleasure is Salt Ribbed Potato Chips! And she loooooves the colour orange, anything that is orange brings her joy, from Papaya’s, Marigold and Heliconi flower, Aperol, Tumeric late, Carrot Cake … !

Caro is currently in maternity leave. Contact us via hello@wavesleuven.be for all pre- and post- natal requests.


Specialty areas:

PostnatalPrenatalWomen's Health