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Carlotta De Witte

Carlotta is a physiotherapist and (almost) certified Pilates instructor. She specialises in hand rehabilitation and manages the hand rehab here at Waves.

Since 2017 she has been treating patients with chronic hand/wrist problems or postoperative scars and/or hand surgeries and also now works jointly with Heilig Hart for consultations in hand rehab. She is a member of the Belgian Hand Therapists and regularly participates in European and Belgian conferences. She is also not shy of difficult cases, the more complex the better. We are thrilled to have her on board and for the extra knowledge and quality of care she will provide.

In addition to her physiotherapy background, Carlotta is also a wonderful Pilates instructor, falling in love with the method when she began doing Pilates with her mum as some mother-daughter quality time. Through the Pilates studio she sees a large variety of clients and have a beautiful and sincere teaching style!

And did you know that Carlotta has Italian roots? Venice is her second home, and she loves going to Italy. She is also a cat and dog person. Don’t ask her to choose, it is impossible.


Specialty areas:

Hand and Wrist