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Neurological Physiotherapist

We are looking for

Neurological Physiotherapist


We aim to create a stimulating / empowering and comprehensive (inclusive) environment to promote quality of life and well-being for all. We are a multidisciplinary practice that works closely together as a team and strives to deliver the highest quality in paramedical healthcare (allied health).

We are a recently opened health centre on the Vaartkom in Leuven, passionate about interdisciplinary care. We highly value work-life balance and support each other to find balance and fun in what we do.

Are you an extremely motivated physiotherapist? Do you have a passion for neurological rehabilitation?  Do you look forward to continuing to develop your skills in a challenging and supportive environment?

3x Yes? Then our vacancy for physiotherapist hand rehabilitation is made for you!

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a physiotherapist who, together with our colleagues from the Neuro team, wants to focus on neurological rehabilitation at Waves.

Preferably, you already have some experience in neurological rehabilitation. Therapists who still have little experience with neurological patients but have a keen interest and willingness to delve into this topic are also eligible.

The position starts with a half-time schedule, which can be quickly expanded to full-time.

You are motivated to participate in consultation moments with the team on a regular basis

What we offer

A working environment where a healthy work-life balance is key

A versatile job in a brand new practice in Leuven in a very driven team

Extensive guidance from your colleagues

Flexible hours, where you set your own schedule

A supportive and friendly work environment

A stimulating / empowering and comprehensive (inclusive) environment

Strives to deliver the highest quality in paramedical healthcare

Access to our gym and Pilates classes

Growth opportunities in Waves


You are motivated and passionate about your profession

You possess the necessary empathic qualities

You have strong organizational skills

You are an excellent communicator

You achieve WHO recommendations for physical activity with ease. Practice what you preach


Master kinesitherapie (Neuro)

We like to build our team with people who share our mission and vision.

To apply, send your CV, summary of continuing education taken and cover letter (or video) using the form below. Each application will be thoroughly reviewed and responded to. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview tour of the practice.

Send your CV and motivation letter

Selected candidates will be invited for 1 or 2 interview(s) and a tour of Waves.

You will then be invited to spend a day at the practice to get to know our daily operations and atmosphere. You will also be invited to participate in the next team meeting.

If the vibes are right, we will discuss the contract and our collaboration will begin! This is the start of your Mentorship year!

Application closes 1st December 2023

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