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Zoë Brouwers

Zoë is one of our physiotherapists in the team, with specialisation Manual therapy. She specialises in working with higher performance dancers, as well as more general musculoskeletal and chronic pain clients.

Some fun facts about Zoë:

  • Got her Masters degree of sports physiotherapy at KU Leuven and her Postgraduate degree of Manual therapy at Ugent.
  • Rides the waves of life with her eyes, mind and heart wide open.
  • Dances up to 5 times a week still herself.
  • Stands by “Practice what you preach” regarding a healthy, happy life.
  • Loves to Lift heavy weights, drink good coffee and engage in interactions through which you can make each other happier, wiser and stronger.

Specialty areas:

Chronic PainDancersGeneral Physiotherapy