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Sofie Vandebotermet

Sofie obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communication Management and then completed her Master’s degree in Communication Sciences at KU Leuven. With these diplomas she started working in the Human Resources field. After 10 years, however, she felt it was time for a career change. Working with people, moving, gaining and sharing knowledge, what’s not to like?! Sofie therefore started Polestar’s Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training last year.

Her love for Pilates started several years ago and quickly showed that it gave a huge boost to her physical and mental health.

In context of finishing her comprehensive Polestar Pilates course, Sofie will be teaching apprentice classes, in which she’ll more than happily share her love for Pilates with you!

Some fun facts about Sofie:

  • Likes good food, but especially dessert (as long as it contains chocolate)
  • Loves going to the mountains or the sea, winter and summer doesn’t matter
  • Always looking out for the latest Disney movies

* Is a proud mom of a crazy little monkey, Janne

* Loves helping people and watching them grow


Specialty areas: