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Sofie Bynens

Sofie is currently undergoing her Comprehensive Pilates training with STOTT Pilates Education in Den Haag. On top of her journey in the Pilates world, she also has a Master degree in Movement Science from VUB as well as further postgrad education in perinatal support behind her so she is the perfect addition to the Waves team.

Sofie has always loved moving her body and came into contact with Pilates during her uni education and really impressed Katina and Kim with her teaching style and ease of flow, particularly so early in her Pilates journey.

Keen to know more about Sofie?

  • she hikes a lot, loves going on adventures and discovering new places
  • she is a surfer and a snowboarder – loves the freedom!
  • she loves beaches and the tide – very flowy just like her
  • she is very open, easy going and silly (which we love)
  • she loves seafood and her guilty pleasure is Ben & Jerries cookie dough

We are super excited to have Sofie onboard and to have another instructor with STOTT training…. Because variety is the the spice of life!

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