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Jildou van der Hoop

Jildou is our Psychomotor Therapist (PMT). After her master in Sexology at the KUL, she stuck around in Leuven. Besides her work here with us @Waves, she has worked for five years in child and adolescent psychiatry at the UZ Brussel as a PMT’er and sexologist. After becoming a mom, she quit that job.

Born in Friesland, she also has a typical Frisian first name, which she always enjoys rectifying in the correct pronunciation! In her spare time she likes to tour around on her racing bike, having already cycled the Frisian Elfstedentocht several times, which is a tour of 235km!!!

What is PMT ?

Through PMT, we try to build a bridge between your body & your thoughts, feelings and emotions through movement, physical activity and games.

PMT can be useful for those who would like to:

  • want to be more attentive for their body and bodysignals
  • want to approach their own body with more positivity
  • want to learn to recognize, dose and tune their emotions and behavior
  • build strategies to deal with stress in life.

You can always request a free disovery call (+/- 10min) via this button, to see if PMT is something for you!



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