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Flore Van Assche

Flore is a physiotherapist at Waves and Pilates intructor in training.

She graduated from KULeuven in 2023 as a master in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences option Manual Therapy. By joining the Polestar Comprehensive Series, she discovered her passion for pilates.

Moreover, Flore is also currently completing her educational master’s in health sciences.

Some fun facts about Flore:

  • She loves the mountains, snow and skiing. In summer, you can also often find her hiking in the mountains
  • Flore dances through life. With music in her ears, she dances through the days. As a dancer, she practised various dance styles, such as contemporary, modern dance, jazz and neo-classical
  • Flore is a creative bee: painting, crafts, drawing… She likes to travel and is energised by her friends.
  • She is a real coffee lover!


Specialty areas: