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Charles Deflandre

Charles graduated from KUL in physiotherapy this year. He has joined our new grad programme with some extra guidance from Katina, Sarah and Carlotta, and we know he will develop into one heck of a physio.

Charles has also had a huge passion for movement and supporting people in their movement journey. He has spent many hours in and out of the gym either training himself or working with others, and also worked as a personal trainer whilst studying physiotherapy. He has developed a large repertoire of exercise standing through different disciplines such as calisthenics, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, track and field, Crossfit etc.

Though Charles has always been a mover he has also had some chronic pain problems that he is still discovering and working his way through. This journey has been the catalyst for his interest is supporting others who experience chronic pain and is an area that he will work closely with Sarah and Katina to develop.


Specialty areas:

General PhysiotherapyMovers