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Brooklyn Harley

Brooklyn is from the west coast of Australia and completed a Bachelor of Arts (Dance) from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, one of the top full-time ballet educations in the country. She also graduated from Polestar Pilates in Sydney and Perth in 2022 and has now decided to spread her wings and find some new adventures abroad. She is an excellent teacher and the feedback so far has been on point.

Brooklyn fun facts

  • She didn’t step foot inside a ballet studio until 12 years old, growing up playing footy, soccer (yes for us they are different things haha) and athletics
  • Her favourite style of dance is contemporary with her favourite company NDT and Hofesh Schecter Company
  • Her favourite things in the world are cocker spaniels, blueberries and her family
  • She is vegan
  • Her favourite show is Friends
  • She has also trained in circus

In addition to all these wonderful things she loves many types of movement including running, hiking, cycling and swimming (plus we have also seen her a few times in the gym here too 💪)


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