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Aishwarya Shinde

Aish is our physiotherapist at Waves!

Through her own share of injuries, she has witnessed how the right kind of movement support can transform someone’s life, enabling them to cope up with pain and disability. She believes that ‘making sense of pain’ is a crucial step towards recovery’. That’s why she is committed to making a positive impact in people’s lives through education; empowering them to take charge of their own healing journey.

She has a special interest in Hand and wrist rehabilitation and is on her way to becoming a hand specialist via extra education.

Some fun facts about Aish:

  • Made the move from Pune, India to Leuven in 2019 for a Physiotherapy Masters at KUL and since then this city and people here have become her second home.
  • Found her passion in Sports rehab through working with a professional football club in India.
  • She’s a certified yoga instructor, infusing mindfulness into movement since 2019.
  • Enjoys traveling, music concerts, dancing and beaches during her times off.
  • Loves food, you can ask her all about it!
  • Being kind, staying present, and embracing spontaneity – that’s her life’s motto!

Specialty areas:

General PhysiotherapyHand and Wrist