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An Internship

Are you an extremely motivated student?
Do you have a passion for your profession and studies?
Do you look forward to continuing to develop your skills in a challenging and supportive environment?

3x Yes? Then Waves could be a perfect place for your internship!

Who are we?

Every year we supervise several students / professionals through internships in the fields of Pilates, Clinical Gym and Physiotherapy.

If you are excited to gain hands-on experience in these fields and want to come and make a fine contribution to our team, you are extremely welcome to apply for an internship with us!

To apply, please submit a clear and concise CV along with a motivational letter that outlines why you’re interested in interning specifically with us. Your CV should highlight your educational background, relevant experiences, and any extracurricular activities or achievements that demonstrate your qualifications.

In your motivational letter, we encourage you to express your passion for the field, your career goals, and why you wish to intern at Waves! Additionally, we’re particularly interested in understanding your “WHY” – what motivates you, why you’re passionate about this industry or field, and what drives you to excel. We advise you to take a thorough look through our website and socials to get an idea of what Waves is all about!

We’re excited to review your application and welcome you as eager learners, ready to grow and contribute to our team, cause, and clients. Apply now and take the first step towards an enriching internship experience with us!

What we offer

High quality guidance

Numerous opportunities to actively participate in therapy and sessions

Wide range of different patients, cases, therapy modalities

Flexible hours, where we can determine your schedule together

Required qualities

You are motivated and passionate about your profession

You possess the necessary empathic qualities

You have strong organizational skills

You have excellent communication skills (NL and ENG)

You meet WHO recommendations for physical activity with ease. Practice what you preach


No specific requirements

We work with people who share our mission and vision.

To apply, send your CV,overview of continuing education taken and Motivational Letter (or video) using the form below. Each application is thoroughly reviewed and will be responded to. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview tour of the practice.

Send your CV and Motivation Letter

Selected students are invited for an interview and tour of Waves.

When the vibes are right, we’ll discuss the startup of your internship and go for it!

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