Cancellation & Refund Policy

Bsport – Pilates & Clinical Gym

  1. Cancellations
    All group sessions (except perinatal and family passes) have a 6 month expiry date from first booking. For perinatal clients please contact us at if your pass expires and we will happily extend it. Family passes are valid for 12 months from time of first class booked.There is no expiry date for private sessions that are purchased.Group sessions must be cancelled >12 hours in advance to the start of your session.Private sessions must be cancelled >24 hours in advance to the start of your session. Cancellation within these time period will incur 100% payment of that session.
  2. Refunds
    WAVES will always make it’s best efforts to ensure an excellent customer experience. Refunding unused passes and classes are not possible.
  3. Subscriptions/Memberships
    A subscription taken out with WAVES can be cancelled monthly at the latest 5 days before the renewal date by emailing this request to If the request for termination is requested in time, the following month will not be charged. If a refund is requested due to user error, an administrative fee of €15 will be charged.

Crossuite – Health: Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, PMT 

  1. Cancellations
    Appointments between therapist and client should always be cancelled 24 hours before the time of appointment. This to ensure that the available treatment spots are optimally utilised and the therapists’ time is respected. When a cancellation is made within the 24-hour time-frame, the session will be fully charged on next appointment. This appointment is not reimbursed by the mutuality.

Rental of Event Space

  1. Cancellations
    The cancellation of reservation for the WAVES Event Space should be done within 7 working days in order to be eligible for the full refunding of the advance payment. Cancellations within the 7-day timeframe will result in paying the advance amount.
  2. Refunds
    There are no refunds possible for the rental of the WAVES Event Space.


These Policies have been revised last on 10/09/2022.